My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my Contact information tab to get in touch or About Me to learn more about myself personally, otherwise, stay here and learn a little bit more about my projects.

I would consider myself somewhat of an “artsy” person, dabbling in lots of different aspects of art; here are some of the things in my free time I enjoy doing: photography; making jewelry; canvas painting; “toothpick” painting(a form of painting I invented); drawing/sketching; coloring, watercolor drawings; geometric designs/patterns.

Inspiration & Reason Behind Toothpick Painting

The reason and inspiration behind why Toothpicking paintings were created was because I could never use a small enough paintbrush to reach the means of detail needed; thus, this form of painting gives an artist more detail to be held within the images, by adding grooves and etching to them, emphasizing more meaning and emotion held within the paintings.

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