Homemade is Best

Home~Made Stuffed Bell Peppers With Fresh Parsley & Lactose-Free Sharp Cheese

Whether your someone still living at home with your parents, a bachelor on your own, newly wed like myself, or somewhere in between – home cooked meals are always best.

What people consider to be a large family isn’t what it used to be like with 15 to 16 kids alone living in a house like our great-great grandparents remember. However, growing up when I was younger and in what people considered to be a large family with my mom and dad and 4 other siblings we always had home cooked meals.
Remembering those days living at home with my family we always had a vast array of meals that were cooked during the week from shepherd’s pie to baked mac ‘n cheese, lasagna or chicken pot pie, grilled steak, whipped potatoes and gravy. Not to mention multiple veggies – at least 3 that dad would always spread out across the kitchen table any given meal we had.

That being said, I’ve always found myself more interested in baking sweets whether it be cookies and cinnamon rolls, cakes and sweet breads like pumpkin and banana, however, recently I’ve switched gears. Going on 9 months now of being married I’ve decided over the past year or so it was time I take more an interest in cooking meals and put desserts and other sweet treats on ‘the back burner’ so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I haven’t cooked a meal before, I’m used to helping out in the kitchen with my mom and have had a good deal of practice with different dishes. It’s now though that I’ve taken a different roll; not only am I cooking, but planning too. It has been an enjoyment to find recipes and concoct my own meals for me and my husband.

Just as I was customized to always having good ol’ homemade meals during the week growing up as a kid, I will now be implementing more of my own spin and ideas on meals for the weeks and years to come. I love homemade foods, they are so good and you can’t go wrong with cooking a home cooked meal (unless you haven’t started from scratch), so what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

The picture featured below/above is one of my new favorite recipes for an easy weekday dinner meal of stuffed bell peppers with parsley and sharp cheese.
And a good tip for all cooks out there, whether you are lactose sensitive yourself or have friends and family who are, Kraft and Cabbot brand cheeses are naturally lactose free and are a great alternative to other cheeses out there, allowing those you love to enjoy the meal too! Don’t believe me? Flip around Kraft and Cabbot packages and look for “containers 0g of lactose per serving.” It’s my hope you’ll try it out and end up lovin’ it as much as I do.

Until next time, T.T.F.N., Ta-Ta-For-Now!


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