Planning a Wedding

Remember to plan
for the future of your marriage

Whether your the bride or groom in your relationship, to have the honor of planning your wedding day, alongside your fiancé is truly a blessing in life. There are many ways that people envision their “big day,” but for my fiancé and myself it’s the joining of two people. Don’t get me wrong, I know the two of us are beyond excited for these 23 days to pass and our wedding to happen, however, we’re not stopping there. We’re taking time to remember to look deep into the future of our lives and the life we’ll spend together.

          Often, couples get caught up in their “special day,” pouring time, energy and way more money than needed into the day of their marriage. I’ve always pondered about those who spend way beyond their means of money, those who start their marriage by putting themselves in financial disrepair, due to negligence(sometimes). Why is the day first day of your marriage so much more important than the next day, week, month or years ahead you’re going to spend together with your spouse?’

I understand that weddings can be expensive and planning them does take careful arrangement depending on what you want and don’t want in your wedding, yet there are ways to create simple yet elegant weddings and still stay within a reasonable budget.

My fiancé and I, when planning our own wedding, had the mind set of not spending loads of money on the day of our wedding, rather, we wanted to create reasonable budget to stick with. And having set a suitable budget, for where we were financially, we still had a wonderful wedding.
Many decorations came from The Dollar Store, The Christmas Tree Shop, and we also searched around on Amazon in order to find items that would accommodate our budget and choice of a beach-themed wedding. What also came in very handy before and after the wedding was using items that we already had; I have a knack for collecting nautical based items, and purchasing items that could be used again, which after the wedding was used mainly to decorate the place we both moved into.  

One word of advice I’d give to anyone thinking of marriage, engaged or in a relationship is this: remember the day of your marriage is about you, and your significant other. Remember to please the two of you. Society puts an undefined pressure on you, tells you to make the day of your wedding the best of your life and the rest of your marriage will be all bliss. Wrong. Remember that you and your fiancé want the day of your wedding to go none-the-less “perfect” and to have all your plans fall into place, but it’s when we place unrealistic goals and ideas into our minds that we fail to have our plans work.

Plan accordingly for details and things to maybe not go completely right, and when something comes up, remember that it’s just a stepping stone for your future. Life doesn’t always go as we plan and more often than not, God’s plans for our lives are nothing like what we have in our minds eye.

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