Signs of the Time; “Mud Season”

“In like a lion, out like a lamb” as the saying goes for the month of March. Most of us know each year usually repeats a series of weather cycles and to some degree in a particular pattern. No doubt about it, March this year has definitely brought with it some windy days as it always does. Yet as the month comes closer to an end, there has been more “signs” of April along the way. The warmer temperatures, reaching into the 50’s, leaving us feeling as if the northeast has been hit with a “heat-wave”, seeing and hearing birds every now and then singing their delightful spring tunes, longer daylight hours, and don’t forget those same grassy spots that reappear every year as the snow begins the melt. Despite all the things we find to enjoy and see as the season of Spring begins to take place in Maine, we certainly cannot forgot the “season” that lies between winter and spring… “mud season”. It’s no wonder why the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers” as the month of April always seems bring with it more rain clouds than not, and even going as far as bringing a few last flurries of snow in them. So, aside from warmer temperatures to help start the melting process of all the fallen snow, April’s rain clouds as far back as I can remember since I was a little girl has always brought with it the season of mud. It wasn’t until after several months of winter weather that involved my younger brother and I playing outside, when it wasn’t brutally cold, that signs of warmer days ahead would appear.

It’s kinda funny when you think of there being a so called season of “mud”, but to many of us in the northeast, it comes as 2nd nature to just include the time between winter and spring to be called that. In all honesty, our lives can reflect the same manner, we typically see that our lives have two parts to it. One aspect of it is typically known as “good” and the other “bad”. The sad part to all of this is that if we are feeling this way in regards to our lives, how can we ever try to have hope for the future of our lives and to strive toward something ever better than what we may be facing -whether “good” or “bad”.

Needless to say, God is always working in our lives, whether we’ve come to accept Him as our Lord and Savior, or if He’s working on helping you to see that He is truly always good and does what is best for us in our lives.
As earlier I mentioned a saying that goes with the month of March and also April to May, so it is also true with how we should look to God. He is fierce like a lion, but He is also more gentle than even a lamb… He can comfort us in every anxious thought, heart ache, hurt, anger and fear to name a few. So, even when we suddenly or slowly are feeling some sort of emotion about our present situations in life, we have to be reminded God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Myself personally, it’s difficult and sometimes down right hard to see how God could use all the “bad” portions of my life to point me in the direction of Him. It’s not that those times in my life were literally bad, but they were simply uncomfortable. Learning new concepts in school, adjusting to a new position at work? I never said those were comfortable either, but those are the types of situations we as humans sometimes define our lives by, but it’s not what we’ve done or has happen to us that defines who we are. NO. Jesus is the One. The one and only Son of God who died for us so we can be forgiven. When in our lives we experience times that leave us happy or sad, even hurt really “bad”, it’s through every part in our lives God wants you to see Him, shining the way toward His love. Don’t give up when you feel like you’ve been hit with a drought. The rain is coming. Or those of you who feel the days will never lessen from the misery and heavy rain from maybe some form of pain, be reminded and encouraged that He’s in complete control of our lives. No matter what we face, God is trying to get your attention and direct you in His path.

“Muddy” times that lie between what feels “good” and “bad” in our lives are not always the most pleasant to go through – just as “mud season” is not pretty to look at or fun, but knowing that Spring is right up ahead – we can trust in God to deliver and help us, to delight in all times in our lives knowing that He’s for us nothing can stand against us.

What, then, shall we say in response to thing? 
If God is for us, who can be against us?

~Romans 8:31
Hold on, Spring is Coming!
Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, 
because we know that suffering produces perseverance:
perseverance, character; and character hope.

~Romans 5:3-4

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