To My Love

They say hindsight is 20/20, and in some way it’s so true; the future of our lives is so difficult to predict, but after something has happened you can see the right thing to do. However, if you had told me this more than 6 years ago, that I was going to get married at age 21 to a man I saw practically every Sunday throughout my teen years I probably would have laughed at you. Looking back we practically grew up beside each other as we literally were in place practically every Sunday afternoon through out our teens and into our early 20’s. Though the funny story is we never really talked together, and in all honesty – I did not know he even existed for the longest time. No matter what our lives have gone through, God has always been working His will into ours and it was even through those years and now that He has had His hand at work. Not only that, those years were some great years of growth that took place. -No, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually, for the both of us.

Pain is never fun to experience and certainly is not comfortable to go through, yet in the long run – it has helped – God’s guidance through the ups and downs of life has helped me to endure and become the strong-young woman I am today. Forgiving people who have hurt me very deeply, sending people into my life to help me see I could still be loved and by sending him, my fiance into my life to show me even more. I have been able to forgive and find “healing” of a broken friendship, a friendship restored from super awkwardness and even another friendship which has been full of so much love. -Reminding me that God’s love for us is so much greater. I can see my fiancee’s love for me is amazing, but when I think of his love in relation to that of God’s love toward me – it is so tiny tiny.. -Pointing out to me that it is God’s love that will never run out toward me; it is His love that will always be good all the time and all the time it will be good.

So here we are, many years since the first time we each saw each other and just now we are planning out our wedding. -It makes me feel excited; it reminds me that we’re one more step closer to saying, “I do.” and starting our lives together. What a strange concept to be grasped, “starting our lives together” because in reality we have already started our lives together – with each other.. more likely than not one would think our lives together started many years ago, that one day where you first saw me, but for me, would it have been the day he tried to buy movie ticket for me..? In any case, it was likely once the two of us both knew the other existed that our lives together had started. Truly is amazing just how God works things and people into our lives the way He does. If you had told me or somehow if I’d known that the two of us would end up here: engaged and me seeing the man of “my dreams” I doubt I would have believed it. I mean how could I? My mind way totally and completely off in another direction, or some may say I was. No, I was not “running wild”, and yes, I was going to the same youth group as he attended, however those who “caught my eye” were simply not him. The Goal is to be so focused on Him that the he or she we wish to see has to be focused on Him before they see me.

For it is God who works in you
to will and act according to His purpose.
-Philippians 2:13
And my God will meet all your needs 
according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
-Philippians 2:19
Camden, Maine

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  1. What a beautiful illustration through your words of your love for my son. God truly knows the plan before we do. Warms my heart that you love my son so much, and I know he reciprocates those feelings. I’m so excited for both of you, and so happy to be gaining another daughter.


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